Tuition Plan Advisors: Providing Families With Financial Solutions For College

How We Work

We believe that each family is unique and each will face a formidable challenge in saving for and paying for college. Although a considerable amount of assistance is available to ease this burden, most parents need help in paying the cost of a higher education for their children. Therefore, we are committed to providing a solution to help set aside money for college that's tailor-made for your family.

Expected Results

Our goal is to pursue a tuition funding solution for you so that you may have the funds to pay for your child’s education. When you work with us, you can expect us to assist you in creating a college savings plan and help you to implement it. We are as committed to achieving these results as you are.

We believe that a retirement plan should be the last resort for funding a child’s education. It should not be an “either or” situation. The time to set aside money for retirement and your child’s education is now. Delaying this decision will result in thousands of dollars (or more) in lost opportunities.

Current lifestyles should not be impacted. It is possible to set aside funds for a college education and retirement simultaneously without severely impacting your current standard of living. But in order to do so, careful planning is needed.

Our Approach

We don’t have a “one size fits all” philosophy. We approach each family with the same attitude: to design a college savings plan that best fits your particular situation. We believe in listening to what you have to tell us and taking the time to get to know you before we recommend a solution.

We involve you in every step of the way. We make sure that you understand each step in the process. A solution can be implemented only after you completely understand it. We want to make sure you are comfortable with this process before any action is taken.

Quick response is guaranteed. There is nothing more frustrating than working with someone who is not responsive in returning phone calls or e-mails. We guarantee that all e-mails and phone calls are returned within 24 hours.

What Makes Us Unique

We have earned the Certified College Planning Specialists title as administered by the National Institute of Certified College Planners (NICCP). We adhere to the highest ideals as set forth by the NICCP. Our focus is not on product sales. Our focus is on the process of saving for and reducing the cost of college. To use a golfing analogy, we want to teach you how to swing the golf clubs and not just sell you a set and send you on your way. This is what sets us apart from the competition.

Now that you have a better idea about the results you can expect and our approach to and philosophy towards a family like yours, please go to Our Services page to learn about the specific services and programs we offer.

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